Recognition for Participation in the 6330 Passport Club

In the 6330 Passport Club, our goal is to encourage members to engage with each other and/or any other Rotary club in the world, by attending  meetings, service projects or fundraising events.  In addition, the 6330 Passport Club encourages participation in giving programs sponsored by The Rotary Foundation.
As well as attendance on our Zoom calls and at our other meetings and socials, the Rotary Passport Club will give credit for the participation of its members by crediting members for each hour of participation, whether it be meetings, service projects, fundraising, individual Rotary learning, or giving to the Rotary Foundation.
How It Works
Each year, a member is expected to earn attendance credits by participating in Rotary activities for at least 40 hours during the Rotary Year (July 1 - June 30), or contributing to The Rotary Foundation, or fundraising projects of a Rotary club, or a combination of the two. Every $100 donated earns an attendance credit. Every hour of Rotary or volunteer activities earns an attendance credit. Every club meeting attended earns an attendance credit.
For Example - If Molly, a Rotary Passport Member, does the following during the Rotary Year:
Donates $400 to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund = 4 attendance credits
Donates $100 to a Rotary Club’s Crab Feed = 1 attendance credit
Attends 10 meetings at different Rotary clubs = 10 attendance credits
Spends 25 hours of her time on different Rotary club service projects = 25 attendance credits.
Molly will be credited with 40 attendance credits for the year, the minimum requirement for 6330 Passport Club members. Club members are encouraged to do more!!
Reporting Your Participation
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