Bylaws - July 2020

Bylaws of the Rotary Club of District 6330 Passport 


Article 1 - Definitions

1. Board:       The club’s board of directors

2. Director:    A member of the club’s board of directors

3. Member:   A member of the club, other than an honorary member

4. Quorum:    The minimum number of participants who must be present when a vote is taken: one-third of the club’s members for club decisions and a majority of the directors for club board decisions

5. RI:              Rotary International

6. Year:          The 12-month period that begins on 1 July


Article 2- Board 

The governing body of this club is its board of directors, consisting of, at a minimum, the president, immediate past president, president-elect, secretary, and treasurer.


Article 3 - Elections and Terms of Office

Section 1 — One month before elections, members nominate candidates for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and any open director positions. The nominations may be presented by a nominating committee, by members from the 'floor', or both.

Section 2 — The candidate who receives a majority of the votes for each office is declared elected to that office.

Section 3 — If any officer or board member vacates his or her position, the remaining members of the board shall appoint a replacement.

Section 4 — If any officer-elect or director-elect vacates a position, the remaining members of the board-elect may appoint a replacement.

Section 5 — The terms of office for each role are:

President — one year

Vice-President — one year

Treasurer — one year

Secretary — one year

Sergeant-at-Arms — one year

Director — one year


Article 4 - Duties of the Officers

Section 1 — The president presides at club and board meetings.

Section 2 — The immediate past president serves as a director on the club board.

Section 3 — The president-elect prepares for his or her year in office and serves as a director.

Section 4 — The vice president presides at club and board meetings when the president is absent.

Section 5 — A director attends club and board meetings.

Section 6 — The secretary keeps membership and attendance records.

Section 7 — The treasurer oversees all funds and provides an annual accounting of them.

Section 8 — The sergeant-at-arms maintains order in club meetings.


Article 5 - Meetings 

Section 1 — An annual meeting of this club is held no later than 31 December to elect the officers and directors who will serve for the next Rotary year.

Section 2 — This club meets as follows: ­­­

One (1) time per month face-to-face plus One (1) time per month via online means. Reasonable notice of any change or cancellation of the regular meeting will be given to all club members.

Section 3 — Board meetings are held quarterly online or in person. Special meetings of the board are called with reasonable notice by the president or upon the request of two directors.



Article 6 - Dues

The initial annual club dues are $200 USD /$260 CND. Dues are payable semi-annually.

Rotaractors seeking dual Rotaract/Rotary membership will be charged dues of $60 USD/ $78 CND annually for a period of two years. Dues are payable semi-annually.

Thereafter annual dues for each following year shall be recommended by the board and approved by the members at the AGM.

They are paid as follows each December and June. Annual club dues include RI per capita dues, a subscription to The Rotarian or a Rotary regional magazine, district per capita dues, club fees, and any other Rotary or district per capita assessment.


Article 7 - Method of Voting 

The business of this club is conducted by voice vote or a 'show of hands' except in the election of officers and directors, which is conducted by ballot (either in person or electronically). The board may also provide a ballot for a vote on some resolutions.


Article 8 - Committees 

Section 1 — Club committees coordinate their efforts to achieve the club’s annual and long-term goals. These are:

• Club Administration • Membership • Public Image • Rotary Foundation • Service Projects

Section 2 — The president is an ex-officio member of all committees and, as such, has all the privileges of membership.

Section 3 — Each committee’s chair is responsible for the regular meetings and activities of the committee, supervises and coordinates its work, and reports to the board on all committee activities. 


Article 9 - Finances 

Section 1 — Before each fiscal year starts, the board must prepare an annual budget of estimated income and expenditures.

Section 2 — The treasurer shall deposit club funds in a financial institution or institutions designated by the board, divided into two accounts: one for club operations and one for service projects.

Section 3 — Bills payable must be approved by two officers or directors.

Bills are paid by cheque/check or electronic payment by the treasurer or another authorized officer. Bank reconciliations must be approved by another officer or director quarterly and presented to the board as part of the financial report.

Section 4 — A qualified person conducts a thorough annual review of all financial transactions.

Section 5 — Club members will receive an annual financial statement of the club.

Section 6 — The fiscal year is from 1 July to 30 June.


Article 10 - Method of Electing Members

Section 1 — A member shall propose a candidate for membership to the board, or another club shall propose one of its transferring or former members.

Section 2 — The board shall approve or reject the candidate’s membership within 30 days and notifies the proposing member of its decision.

Section 3 — If the board approves the candidate’s membership, the prospective member is invited to join the club.


Article 11 - Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at any regular club meeting. Changing the club bylaws requires sending written notice to each member 10 days before the meeting, having a quorum present for the vote, and having two-thirds of the votes support the change. Changes to these bylaws must be consistent with the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, the RI Constitution and Bylaws, and the Rotary Code of Policies.


Article 12 - Club Consent

Any resolutions, motions, binding commitments, in writing or otherwise, on behalf of the club, to any position or action shall first be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.  No committee or club member will have the authority to commit or create expenditure(s) that are not specifically pre-approved by the board.  If resolutions or motions are first offered at a club meeting they shall be sent to the Board without discussion.


Updated 7 August 2020