Looking for a new way to get your nose stuck into a book?

The 6330 Rotary Passport club, to celebrate Rotary's month of basic education and literacy, is hosting a virtual book club for the month of September! In collaboration with Shelterbox Canada, readers will have a month to complete Shelterbox's recommended book of the month, which focuses on countries where Shelterbox does its valuable work. All readers, whether reading their first book of the year or have lost count, are invited!

This month we'll be following the story of Syrian refugee Abu Bakr Al Rabeeah and his family in the novel "Homes". Coauthored by Winnie Yeung and Abu Bakr, the story intimately describes the Syrian conflict and the journey Abu Bakr's family undertakes to find safety and a new home in Canada. Nominated as a 2019 Canada Reads finalist, this book is great for readers at all speeds to learn more about the crisis which has unfolded in Syria and the trials and tribulations of the refugee experience.

Over the next month, we'll be posting more about certain themes from the book and the work Shelterbox does worldwide. We will be announcing a date for a virtual event, in late September, where readers are invited to join for group discussion, including hearing remarks from the book's author(s). There is no cost to join the club but donations are welcomed for Passport club's year-long campaign to aid Shelterbox in the amazing work they do. Homes can be found in some libraries/bookstores and can be purchased online through: