Welcome to the Rotary Club of District 6330 Passport!

The District 6330 Passport Club is our response to the growing pressure for a new format of Rotary Club - one where the structure better suits the lives of those who maybe can’t meet on a weekly basis or make significant financial contributions but who still have a passion for what Rotary does best; doing good.
To facilitate this, the 6330 Passport Club conducts business electronically and offers several in-person opportunities per year. In lieu of weekly meetings, members are encouraged to engage in humanitarian service; however that works best for them!
The founding principle is simple: make Rotary fit your life!
The Rotary District 6330 Passport Club members are full Rotary members, with the same privileges and rights as Rotarians who are members of traditional clubs.
Membership in our club provides you with a passport to visit and work with any other Rotary Club in the world, and to take part in activities, programs, and projects that interest and engage you.This club is targeted at former Rotary members looking to return, youth, alumni, Rotaractors, and others who find a traditional club doesn’t fit their life.
Passport Clubs differ from e-clubs in that members live within a defined geographical region- in this case, District 6330. If you think this new style of Rotary club might be a good fit for you please reach out!

How do I start?

By going to our website:         www.6330Passport.org and clicking “Apply to join” button on the top right side of the page. Fill out the questionnaire and let your Rotary experience begin!
What’s expected of me?
As a club member, you will be asked to:
  • Attend meetings and events
  • Use your professional skills and talents to make a difference
  • Pay club dues
Get the most out of your membership by participating in club activities and events. You can find all the information that you need on our club calendar. Make sure to click on the subscribe to our calendar button and all our events, online meetings and face-to-face meetings will show up on your personal calendar.